• Sing2Me by Lingazon AUDIO


    • The set contains 16 discs (All songs correspond to a certain topic)
    • All songs are in AUDIO format
    • Topics:
    • Self-introduction
    • Family members
    • Grammar (Present, Past and Future tenses…

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  • Sing2Me by Lingazon AUDIO and VIDEO
    • The set contains 16 songs (all songs correspond to a certain topic)
    • All songs are in AUDIO and VIDEO formats
    • Everything is clearly explained in VIDEO lessons
    • Topics:
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Safe payment and delivery of goods

Lingazon products can be purchased via the following three ways:

  • Purchase on arrival to our office located on the Naugarduko St. 19, Vilnius, notifying us about that in advance via telephone +370 624 02 542 or e-mail info@lingazon.com ;
  • You can contact us via e-mail, provide all the necessary information and make a bank payment;
  • You can pay via Paysera.lt.

Payment for the goods is processed via www.Paysera.lt which is administrated by our partner Paysera.lt Ltd. that holds the SSL certificate.

We do not register, store and receive any of your information that is not related to order processing. Our partner Paysera.lt Ltd. Receives from out online store the order number and the sum only, which is forwarded to the e-banking system of the bank you your choice. The payment procedure continues in the e-banking system of the bank of your choice, where you confirmed the form of payment. After the payment is confirmed the e-banking system of the bank of your choice informs Paysera.lt Ltd. about successful payment. There is no way we can learn your personal, bank account, password and other related information. It is a fully safe and reliable internet payment method.

Terms and conditions

1. General provisions

1.1. These good purchase terms (hereafter referred to as the “Terms”), with the Customer accepting them (by reading the Terms and ticking the box right beside statement “I have learnt lingazon.com terms and accept them”), is a mandatory legal document which establishes the rights and responsibilities of the Customer and the Vendor, the good purchase and payment for them terms, the procedure on delivery and return of the goods, other responsibilities of the parties and other provisions related to purchasing/selling goods on online store lingazon.com.

1.2. The Vendor reserves the right to change, amend and complement the Terms. The Customer will have to accept the Terms every time he/she visits the webpage.

1.3. Online store lingazon.com sells goods based on the terms specified in the Delivery of Goods section.

1.4. All natural persons with mental capacity and legal entities have the right to shop on the online store.

2. Personal information protection

2.1.lingazon.com has the right to collect personal information, which the Customer provides on lingazon.com, and disclose this information to third parties, provided that this is necessary for completing the order. The Customer’s information can used for information purposes only of the Customer gives consent (by reading the Terms and ticking the box right beside statement “I have learnt lingazon.com terms and accept them”). The Customer has the right to prohibit collection and processing of his information with exception to the cases when this is required to implement the sale-purchase contract or the order. The Vendor holds the obligation to protect the customer information submitted on online store lingazon.com.

3. Purchase-sale contract entry in force

3.1. The contract between the Customer and the Vendor steps in force as of the moment when the Customer selects a shopping cart and makes payment for it.

4. Customer’s rights

4.1. The Customer has the right to purchase goods on online store lingazon.com based on the Terms.

4.2. The Customer has the right to terminate the purchase-sale contract, which is made with online store lingazon.com by notifying the Vendor about that in a written form (via e-mail by specifying the exact kind of goods the Customer wants to return within seven work days since the delivery of the goods (this requirement does not apply to the goods which do not comply with quality standards).

4.3. The Customer can exercise the aforementioned right provided that the goods were not ruined and have not undergone any apparent appearance changes, as well as the goods were not used.

5. Customer’s responsibilities

5.1. The Customer has to accept the goods based on the procedure set by the Terms and pay the specified sum for them.

5.2. If the Customer’s information provided in the registration form changes, the Customer has to immediately update the information.

5.3. When using online store lingazon.com, the Customer holds the responsibility to follow the Terms and not infringe the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

5.4. If the Customer refuses to accept the goods upon their arrival without any serious reasons, the Customer has to cover the delivery expenses.

6. Vendor’s rights

6.1. In case of unexpected circumstances, the Vendor can temporarily or permanently cease online store operation without notifying the Customer about that in advance.

6.2. The Vendor has the right to discard the Customer’s order without notifying him in advance, provided that the Customer, having selected non-cash payment method, fails to pay in five work days.

6.3. lingazon.com has the right cancel the sale-purchase contract, if the goods are no longer in stock.

7. Vendor’s responsibilities

7.1. The Vendor has to ensure that the Customer is able to use the services provided by lingazon.com based on the Terms.

7.2. The Vendor has to deliver the goods ordered by the Customer to the specified address based on the Terms.

7.3. The Vendor, not being able to deliver the order to the Customer because of unexpected circumstances, has to return the money to the Customer in three work days, provided that the Customer made the payment in advance.

7.4. The Vendor has to respect the Customer’s privacy right and personal information, which is filled out in the registration form of the online store, excepting the cases established by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

8. Price of goods and payment procedure

8.1. The prices of the goods on the online store and the order form come in euro and include VAT. lingazon.com reserves the right to change these prices.

8.2. Bank payment is considered to be an advance payment when the Customer using the e-banking system transfers money to the bank account of lingazon.com. Payment in cash is when the Customer comes to the specified location on the Naugarduko St. 19 in Vilnius where the goods can be picked up instantly.

9. Delivery of goods

9.1. The Vendor has to deliver the goods to the Customer within the terms specified in the description. The Customer accepts that in exceptional cases the goods may be late to arrive because of force majeure circumstances.

9.2. The Customer, when ordering the goods, has to specify the exact location where the goods would be delivered.

9.3. The Customer has to accept the goods on his/her own. If the Customer cannot accept the goods on his/her own, but the goods have already been delivered to the address that was specified by the Customer, the Customer has no right to complain about the Vendor delivering the goods to a wrong person.

9.4. Good delivery fees and more detailed information on the delivery can be found in the Delivery section of the online store.

9.5. If the Customer, based on the Terms, terminates the sale-purchase contract, the Customer has to cover all direct expenses of returning the goods to the Vendor. The expenses are cleared from the recoverable money the Customer paid for the goods.

9.6. If there is no option to deliver the ordered goods in one shipment, lingazon.com has the right to deliver the goods in multiple shipments.

9.7. The Vendor is fully exempted from responsibility for good delivery term-related violations when the goods are not delivered or delivered to the Customer after the deadline because of the Customer’s fault or the circumstances that the Customer can handle.

10. Quality of goods and condition

10.1. When the goods are returned because of poor quality, the Vendor covers all return expenses.

10.2. All goods and services available for purchase on lingazon.com are new and are kept in quality storage. The goods are not considered to be of poor quality when they have minor packing and transportation-related damage which can be found on goods available at ordinary stores.

10.3. Please immediately inform us about poor quality goods via e-mail info@lingazon.com.

11. Return and replacement of goods

11.1. Please immediately inform the Vendor about return of goods via e-mail info@lingazon.com by putting in the e-mail Subject line the invoice number of your goods and addition “Returned goods”. In the e-mail please specify the name of the goods and briefly describe the reason for which you decided to return them. Quality goods have to be returned in the same condition they were delivered – in the original packaging, not damaged, not used and with marketable condition. Please pack the goods safely, include the invoice and send them via registered mail:

Returned lingazon.com goods:

Personal Enterprise Agne’s English School

Naugarduko St. 19

LT-03226, Vilnius

In the sender’s space please specify your name, surname, address and telephone number.

11.2. If the returned goods are of poor quality (the goods are damaged or have any other defects), the Vendor has to pay for the return expenses.

If the returned goods are of good quality, the Customer has to pay for the return expenses. After receiving the returned goods, the Vendor will inform the Customer via e-mail and, based on the EU laws regulating digital trade, will refund the purchase to the Customer by transferring the money to the specified bank account or replace the goods.

If the Customer had to pay for the transportation expenses of the goods, the good delivery expenses will not be refunded.

11.3. The returned goods have to be in the original packaging, not damaged by the Customer, in marketable condition (no damaged labels, with protective film, etc. (This point is not applied when the returned goods are of poor quality), with the same content as it was delivered and with the document that confirms the purchase.)

11.4. The Vendor has the right to not accept the returned goods by the Customer, if the Customer fails to comply with the good return procedure established by the article.

12. Responsibility

12.1. The Customer holds full responsibility for the correctness of the information in the registration form. If the Customer fails to provide accurate information in the registration form, the Vendor holds no responsibility for any related consequences.

12.2. The Customer holds responsibility for any actions he/she performs while using the online store.

12.3. The Vendor is exempted from any kind of responsibility when the damage is done because the Customer, without considering the Vendor’s recommendations and his/her obligations, has not learnt the Terms, even though he/she has been given such opportunity.

13. Exchange of information

13.1. The Vendor will send all notices to the e-mail addressed specified by the Customer in the registration form.

13.2. The Customer will send any notices and questions to the address specified in the Contacts section on the online store.

14. Final provision

14.1. The terms of the contract are applicable with the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

14.2. Any disputes in regard to fulfillment of the terms are tackled by means of negotiations. If the parties fail to reach agreement, the dispute is tackled by the procedure established by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.